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Progressive utility chooses MIDEL for retrofill project

ESC has been installing Dry Type transformers in densely populated areas since 1990. Today, around 25% of those assets are Dry Type Transformers. As an alternative to fire prone mineral oil transformers and costly dry type transformers, CESC is considering fire safe and environment-friendly ester oil filled transformers as a possible solution.

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Transformer maintenance reduced at Heathrow airport

Heathrow airport is one of the world’s busiest hubs, serving millions of customers a year. Throughout the airport there are distribution transformers providing power for critical services. Originally all these transformers were cast resin but there were some problems which prompted the user to look for a solution.

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Underground power transformers are better for Sweden

There has been a long history of use of MIDEL filled power transformers in Sweden, with Vattenfall having installed their first 151kV unit back in 2002. Following the success of Vattenfall’s experience other utilities started to take up the MIDEL option, in order to greatly improve fire safety and reduce environmental impact.

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Transformers Unplugged: What you didn't know about Insulect

Insulect has grown quite a bit since 1993, when we started out solely as a supplier of cellulose insulation for transformers. In fact, we now supply the majority of materials, components and monitoring devices used on a transformer.

Given that not all our customers are familiar with what we do in this space, we thought that our twentieth anniversary as a supplier to the energy sector was a good time to revisit this...

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