Transformers Unplugged: What you didn't know about Insulect

Transformers Unplugged: What you didn't know about Insulect

Insulect has grown quite a bit since 1993, when we started out solely as a supplier of cellulose insulation for transformers. In fact, we now supply the majority of materials, components and monitoring devices used on a transformer.

Given that not all our customers are familiar with what we do in this space, we thought that our twentieth anniversary as a supplier to the energy sector was a good time to revisit this.

Inside and Out

The best way to quickly illustrate our capabilities is through the image below. It provides a snapshot of the types of products we offer for dry-type and oil-filled transformers: from the core insulation system, to the devices that protect and monitor a transformer’s condition.

An Alternative Approach

Insulect is in somewhat of a unique position in the market: we are able to work with asset owners, consultants and manufacturers alike in addressing a wide range of needs with respect to transformer design and asset optimisation. Rather than a silo approach to technology adoption, we assess the broader synergies that can be achieved by utilising multiple products together. By understanding the key business drivers – across planning, operational and risk factors – we can help to deliver solutions that will maximise visibility and control over these critical assets.

Structural Insulation

  • Cellulose everything, from standard and thermally upgraded cellulose paper, to pressboard and densified wood.
  • High temperature aramid paper and board products.
  • Composite reinforced plastics, for various higher temperature and mechanical requirements, as well as specific technical needs such as SF6 resistance.
  • Complete manufacturing, assembly and kitting service for finished insulation parts.

Electrical Insulating Tapes and Films

  • Adhesive and pressure sensitive tapes for electrical insulation and isolation
  • Custom converting and slitting capabilities to meet individual needs
  • Range includes Polyester / Glass Filament and Paper / Glass Filament
  • See our full range of Adhesive Tapes

Dielectric Fluid

  • Natural ester and silicone-based dielectric fluids for oil filled transformers and related electrical equipment.
  • Transformer Components
  • An extensive range of transformer components and accessories.
  • Temperature measurement and control, oil level indication, flow indication and control, gas control, pressure and vacuum control, Buchholz relays, moisture control, and more…
  • HV and LV bushings, as well as on-line and off-load tap changers.

Transformer Monitoring

  • A complete transformer monitoring range, enabling remote monitoring and control.
  • Fibre temperature indication and control of cooling system
  • Dissolved gas analysis and fault indication for the main tank and OLTC
  • Moisture levels in the main tank and OLTC
  • Bushing partial discharge and tan delta monitoring
  • Partial discharge monitoring in the main tank
  • Remote trending, alarm and trip capabilities
  • Improved decision making
  • Allows for condition-based maintenance and cost reductions

Do you want more information on how Insulect can support you in the design and optimisation of your transformers? Or would you like to know more about a specific product?