FR3: Balancing Oxidation Stability with Biodegradability

FR3: Balancing Oxidation Stability with Biodegradability

Utilities and OEMs are used to working with mineral oil and therefore compare FR3™ fluid to mineral oil. The fact is, FR3 fluid is a vegetable oil which has different characteristics and will act different than mineral oil.

As Cargill have demonstrated in this article, there are many factors to consider in creating a fluid that not only meets standards but has the right combination of desired performance characteristics.

The article clearly justifies the development of FR3 by outlining the difference between oxidation of natural ester versus mineral oil (e.g. resulting in sludge), detailing the many advantages which remain with a natural ester, and how correct handling techniques negate any risks for end users with oxidation.

Click through to the article here, and don't miss downloading their supporting pdf on Thin Film Oxidation.

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