Unearthing the benefits of power cable monitoring

Quantifying Condition Monitoring

Condition monitoring of network critical components is a key part of any effort to optimise grid efficiency. Gaining continuous access to the health status of assets, their trending condition and automation of warning alerts all contribute to empowering network operators to more effectively manage grid assets.

These technologies can provide a quantifiable return on investment through protection of assets, improved asset utilisation, load management efficiencies, and improved overall network performance.

underground power cable monitoring

What about Underground Cables?

Monitoring power cables is much the same. Today there are several viable cable monitoring systems available for new and existing cable installations, across transmission and distribution networks, for land and sub-sea cables and superconductors.

The most well known and widely utilised of these is Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS). It monitors underground power cable temperatures along the entire power circuit, detecting hotspots, and delivering operational status.

There are several other technologies available, including RTTR, DCR, DAS, and PDM. Some of these are complementary, addressing different network challenges such as power circuit rating, fault location and third party interference.


Evaluating the Business Case

The importance and value of these monitoring technologies will vary for each organisation, as will how return on investment (ROI) is evaluated and business cases are prepared.

To help with this process for power cables, we’ve summarised the top five advantages of cable monitoring and their ROI implications in our new resource "The Top 5 ROI Outcomes of Cable Monitoring". In it, we also introduce a set of tools you can use in calculating ROI and building a strong business case.

You can get a copy of it now to read and share with your colleagues.


Getting expert support

In addition to the above document, we are also assisting teams to model cable monitoring investment scenarios for their company, based on a single power cable circuit or investigating multiple circuits.

Our Applications Engineering team can work with you to model key data in a set of ROI Worksheets. Along with our Business Case templates, these tools can then be readily adapted to supplement existing processes within your organisation.

To find out more about this complimentary service, get in touch with us below.