Hundreds of Success Stories: power cable monitoring

Our technology partner for fibre-optic Power Cable Monitoring - AP Sensing - has hundreds of happy, successful customers. Many of them have been ready to share their stories with others, so that they can discover for themselves the benefits that these systems offer.

We have many of these case studies is our Resources Library and have listed out some of the most popular below. Download below and share with your colleagues.


Australian Utility

A leading Australian network operator wanted to gain more monitoring insights into their distribution network, to get the most out of their assets and to take advantage of the related operational cost savings.

The results? Read on to find out.


Monitoring a Metropolis

To permanently monitor the temperature along a 220kV power circuit connecting Manhattan (East Harlem) to Queens, USI Power selected AP Sensing’s outdoor DTS instrument. 

Cable circuit visualisation

A new 220KV underground power circuit in France traverses many different types of soil conditions along its 25 km length and uses AP Sensing’s fiber optic based DTS.

National grid improvement

In 2010 a new 380KV power circuit (north/south axis) was put into operation as part of a nation-wide power grid improvement in a highly populated region near Florence.