Timely evaluation of event impacts on the power system.

Fault and disturbance analysis of power systems is an increasingly important function in an operating environment that is growing in complexity. It can help to uncover hidden problems and improve power system performance.

Timely, reliable and effective post-event analysis requires access to the right data, the ability to compare all data sources, and automation of data interpretation.



Post-Mortem Fault Analysis

insulect fault analysis monitoring

Dedicated monitoring systems record local system fault traces and instantly enable users to evaluate the impact of an event across an entire power system.

System Independence

independent fault and disturbance system

An independent DFR system not only works when the protection system fails, but can be used to monitor and confirm the operation of the complete protection scheme.

High Data Accuracy

highly accurate disturbance analysis

Great accuracy is critical for fault and disturbance investigations - not just in sample rates and resolution, but through system-wide time synchronisation.

IEC 61850 Integration

iec 61850 network monitoring system

While current substation automation architectures need to be supported, DFR hardware with IEC 61850 should be a minimum requirement for modern systems.



Modular systems to suit all Grid needs.

Generation, Substation T&D, Industrial.

Multifunctional disturbance and fault recording (DFR) systems combine several critical monitoring applications into a single package. This gives the benefit of simplifying the hardware architecture (and reducing cost) whilst still retaining the security you get from a standalone monitoring fleet.


qualitrol idm+ insulect monitoring

Qualitrol IDM+

One of the industry's leaders in modular power system monitoring is Qualitrol's IDM+. It is a multifunction substation monitor with advanced fault recording and long duration disturbance monitoring as core functionality.

With this it combines several options applications:

  • Phasor measurement in compliance to the IEEE C37.118
  • TWS Fault location, the most accurate method available
  • Class A Power Quality in compliance with IEC 61000-4-30

It provides comprehensive power system monitoring from a single multifunction device to maximise the utilization of the power network at minimum cost. Ideal for use in substations and generating stations.


Qualitrol iQ+

To partner with the IDM+ is Qualitrol's all-in-one master station platform, iQ+. It is a complete software package for the configuration, collection and analysis of data from the Qualitrol range of Information Products.

With client-server scalable architecture, it is suited to any size operation, managing a single device or a complete fleets of units.

It provides an intuitive interface and advanced record analysis diagnostic tools enable users to monitor signals and protection equipment, quickly identify faults and diagnose root causes.




Drive your Condition Based Maintenance with DFR systems.

Traditionally Fault Recorders are primarily used for analysis of circuit trips after a known event, as it can be a time consuming, manual process. However best practice is to maximise the value of your Fault Recorders as part of your preventative maintenance program, by utilising the records to find defects before they cause a serious problem. This can become part of routine analysis and the means to achieve time effective analysis.

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Disturbance and Fault Recording resources

Our technical papers looks at various aspects of this broad application, including the benefit of standalone systems, dynamic monitoring in Generation and much more.

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