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Condition Monitoring Systems

As the capability of real-time monitoring systems for network assets continues to advance, operators are increasingly looking to these systems to facilitate a smart grid approach to optimise grid efficiency.

Underground power cables are a growing priority for many network operators. These high value assets are not as readily accessible as other grid components, yet are often network critical and in need of improved condition insights.


Evaluate the Monitoring Investment

Many network components can now be remotely monitored continuously, enabling visualisation of assets, immediate alert to issues, data-informed diagnosis and decision making, followed by a rapid resolution to identified issues. 

When deployed correctly, such technologies can provide a quantifiable return on investment, through protection of assets against damage or destruction, improved asset utilisation, load management efficiencies, and improved overall network performance.

There are several viable monitoring systems available for new and existing cable installations, whether underground cables, subsea cables, for interconnectors, offshore rigs or offshore wind farms.

In our document "Top 5 ROI Outcomes for Underground Cable Monitoring", we evaluate the technologies and the quantifiable advantages, so that asset owners can more readily determine the potential return on investment for their organisation.



Case studies from across the world

Discover what other organisations have done with underground cable monitoring and how it has benefited them. We have numerous case studies covering transmission, distribution, land and sub-sea, interconnectors, offshore rigs and wind farm applications.


calculating return on cable monitoring investment

Calculating ROI for Power Cable Monitoring

Every company prepares business cases and return on investment analysis in their own way. Sometimes it can be viewed as a painful or time consuming process – but it doesn’t have to be.

There are plenty of great resources online to supplement your organisation’s process where needed. We’ve developed some too, in the hope they can provide some additional support to companies we work with. We also assist in quantifying the advantages and preparing investment scenarios for further evaluation internally.


Power Cable Monitoring:
AP Sensing

To protect cable infrastructure, high safety margins are often applied which can limit the efficient use of the cables.

Real-time thermal monitoring balances the need for asset protection and network performance optimisation.

Distributed Temperature Sensing provides continuous monitoring of high power cable temperatures, detecting hotspots, delivering operational status, condition assessment and power circuit rating data.

Distributed Acoustic Sensing provides fault detection as well as third party interference protection both on land and subsea.

For more on how these systems can help you optimise the transmission and distribution networks and reduce operational costs, visit the product pages.


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