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With a changing Grid comes new challenges for network operators and major energy users alike. Most are facing tightening of budgets despite the need to address growing problems.

For Transformers at least, there are several ways a company can get greater performance from their assets, in many cases improving their return on investment at the same time.

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Fleet optimisation: the possibilities are significant

It all starts with the insulation system. It is here that the greatest performance gains can be made to transformer fleets. There are two things that make this possible - using natural ester fluids to replace mineral oil, and using a high temperature transformer design in place of traditional designs.



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Lower Cost of Ownership

transformer cost of ownership


transformer power slash ratings


transformer safe overload


The High Temperature Design

Many of the above benefits can be delivered through a single change - a high temperature transformer insulation system.

High temperature standards create design opportunities for cost efficiencies that until recently were not possible. By using higher thermal rated insulation products such as natural ester fluid and Thermally Upgraded Kraft paper, you can achieve a 15°C to 20°C increase in hot spot temperature - in turn allowing you to get more out of your transformers. How much more? Well you could:

  • Keep the same size transformers yet increase load capacity by up to 20% with the same life expectancy.
  • Redesign the transformers with a smaller footprint yet maintain load capacity and reliability.
  • Save on initial costs without sacrificing reliability.
  • And that's just the beginning... 
high temperature transformer design


What can you do with this higher temp spec??

20% more load


Small footprint


Less fluid


Keep reliability


20°C Higher


Lower first costs


extend transformer life

How the High Temp Spec extends life.

New transformer standards such as IEEE C57-154 and IEC 60076-14:2013 outline the usage of high temperature and hybrid insulation systems. These employ materials with higher thermal classes such as natural ester fluid and thermally upgraded Kraft (TUK) or Nomex paper. The possibilities for extending transformer life are significant.

  • Greatly reduced insulation thermal ageing
  • Higher allowable hot spot / temperature rise
  • Run higher loads, higher safe short term overload - without shortening life


Highly accurate temperature monitoring leads to higher performance.

With Fibre Optic Temperature Monitoring, it is now possible to more finely control how you operate your transformers without risking undue loss of life. Systems like the T-Guard family from Qualitrol have also been designed to live on a transformer - in short, they are rugged and reliable.

  • Maximise cooling efficiency
  • Optimise loading dynamically
  • Avoid temperature lag from WTI
accurate temperature monitoring insulect

Evaluating total cost of ownership for Transformers.

As electric utilities seek for ways to add value to their shareholder base and increase efficiencies internally, taking a total cost of ownership perspective versus an initial cost only could create potential to gain more cost and resource savings across the organisation.

One such opportunity is looking at existing transformer fleets - everything from how they are initially designed to extending asset life as well as resources needed to operate and maintain the existing fleet.



Transformer Performance Products

The key products that can drive higher performance in transformers are shown below.



The Latest News in Transformers

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We work closely with end user teams to understand their challenges, network needs and existing asset base, so to help guide future specifications and investment decisions.


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From the insulation system, to key transformer components and monitoring applications, our team has plenty of insight into the complexities of transformer management.


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We offer a range of services to support the lifetime operation of monitoring hardware and can customise this to suit individual networks.


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